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Upcoming Events, Concerts, Shows and Fairs

Some events are dramatic, some are emotional, others are thrilling, and few are fantasy oriented, whatever may be the mission of the programs/shows, the fact that these shows remain as the pleasurable entertaining events to most of the Indians, cannot be neglected, henceforth bags up a bright future!

Reality Shows

The significance of the reality shows is that they bring in the happenings of a particular series along with the emotions of the participants, which in fact makes the program more lively and undoubtedly presentable to the audience. In North India, one of such popular reality shows is ‘Big Boss,’ which usually get hosted by popular Bollywood actors and actresses in order to attract more viewers towards the program. The concept of ‘Big Boss’ is to make the participants to live in a home together, but strictly adhering to the rules of the program, they would get oriented then and there by the leader who would remain hidden till the end of the program. The thrill of the program is that the participants gets eliminated one by one, because of not sticking to the rules, finally only one gets selected as the winner. Thus, the program is more about dramas, sentiments, emotions, affection, envy, and many more… the fact that all these features gives the entertainment experience, equivalent to that of a movie, which is of course available right in front of the people, via TV, is imperative and really significant.

However, the craze for reality shows did grow bigger only from the ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati,’ which was first aired in the televisions in the year 2000, besides the popularity of being hosted by one of the biggest stars in the Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan, the star who has got model statue in the form of wax in the wax museum in USA, namely ‘Madame Tussauds’ is not only popular in India, but also quite celebrated across the world. The significance of the game got well spread, especially for its objective of bestowing people with money up to 2 crore rupees, which was a kind of thrilled fun for the people. Likewise, there are ample reality shows being hosted every year, recently in the year 2011, the Bollywood star, Madhuri Dixit has started hosting a dance reality program, similar to ‘American Idol’ program in USA. Further, the quiz program hosted by the popular actor Shahrukh Khan, namely ‘Panchvi Pass’ fame and reach could not be easily forgotten though. Well, in the same way the southern part of India too is getting inundated with reality TV shows, especially getting under the category of music shows, dance programs, quiz, debates, etc… well, the Sun TV, and Vijay TV are quite known for their reality shows and events in south India.

Dramas and TV Series

Enormous number of dramas and TV series could be seen telecasted every day and night in India, be it in the north, south, east, or west, India is indeed could be well recognized for the quality work of its TV series. The percentage of house wives is actually higher, in fact magnanimously higher in the country who are undoubtedly the major audiences of such TV dramas and shows. In India, as it is a tradition and culture for most of the families to live together, meaning unlike the culture of developed nations where parents live separately and children do not take the responsibility of taking care of them, watching TV during dinner, becomes a habitual time pass for most of the families in the country.

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